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    The Indian Telecommunications network is the third largest in the world and the second largest among the emerging economies of Asia.

    The telecom services have been recognized the world-over as an important tool for socio-economic development for a nation.

    It is one of the prime support services needed for rapid growth and modernization of various sectors of the economy.

    The Indian telecommunication industry has continued to record noteworthy success throughout the year and has emerged as one of the key sectors that have been accountable for resurgent growth of the Indian economy Indian telecom industry is growing at a great pace & India is expected to become a manufacturing hub for telecom equipment.

    Indian telecom equipment manufacturing sector is set to become one of the largest sectors globally. Due to rising demand for a wide range of telecom equipment, particularly in the area of mobile telecommunications has provided excellent opportunities to domestic and foreign investors in this sector

    Job Opportunities in Telecom Companies

    Telecom Engineer | Network Support Engineer | Microwave Survey Engineer | Software Test Engineer | Switch Engineer | Callibration Technician | Operations / Delivery Manager | Technical Analyst

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