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    The origin of Oil & Gas industry in India can be traced back to 1867 when oil was struck at Makum near Margherita in Assam.

    Although India imports more than 70 percent of its energy supplies, in recent years, it has opened large areas of territory to oil and gas development India is the sixth largest consumer of oil. There is a huge demand-supply gap in oil and gas in India.. recently, India has emerged as net exporter of petroleum products.

    Exploration for domestic production growth, development of discovered fields, transportation of crude oil, gas and products, refining to service the petroleum product domestic demand and exports, retailing infrastructure are the prospective blocks to encourage all these sectors provide business and investment opportunities

    Job Opportunities in Oil and Gas Companies

    Electrical Design Engineer | Electrical Maintenance Incharge | Chemical Engineer | Fire Officer | Digital Energy Engineer | Technician | Lead Piping Engineer | Design Head | Foundary Incharge | Mechanical Engineers | Instrumentation Engineer

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