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  • FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

    India's Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Consumer Durables sector is the fourth largest sector in the economy and creates employment for more than three million people in downstream activities. Its principal constituents are Household Care, Personal Care, Food and Beverages.

    An increase is spending pattern has been witnessed in Indian FMCG market. There is an upward trend in urban as well as rural market and also an increase in spending in organized retail sector. There is a huge growth potential for all the FMCG companies as the per capita consumption of almost all products in the country is amongst the lowest in the world.

    FMCG in India has a strong and competitive MNC presence across the entire value chain. The middle class and the rural segments of the Indian population are the most promising market for FMCG and Consumber Durables, and give brand makers the opportunity to convert them to branded products

    The Indian Economy is surging ahead by leaps and bounds, keeping pace with rapid urbanization, increased literacy levels, and rising per capita income.

    Job Opportunities in FMCG Industries

    Zonal Manager | Regional Manager | Sales Manager | Marketing Executive | Sales Executive | Production Supervisor | Warehouse Manager| CRM Executive

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