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    Education holds the key to economic growth and social transformation. Though the major indicators of socio-economic development viz., the growth rate of the economy, birth rate, death rate, infant mortality rate (IMR) and literacy rate, are all interconnected, the literacy rate has been the major determinant of the rise or fall in the other indicators.

    There is enough evidence in India to show that a high literacy rate, especially in the case of women, correlates with low birth rate, low IMR and increase in the rate of life expectancy.

    The recognition of this fact has created awareness on the need to focus upon literacy and elementary education programmes, not simply as a matter of social justice but more to foster economic growth, social well-being and social stability.

    The National Policy on Education aims to play a positive and interventionist role in correcting social and regional imbalances, empowering women and in securing rightful place for the disadvantaged and the minorities.

    The Education and Training to include Colleges and Universities contributes to a major share by creating job opportunities to women in the country.

    Job Opportunities in Education Sector

    College Director | Principal | Dean | Campus Head | Center Head | Academic Head | Professor | Lecturer | Office Manager | Placement Officer / Manager | Training Manager | Corporate Relations Manager | Admissions Manager

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