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    With the Indian economy growing at a brisk clip of nine-plus percent per annum, there is growing global and domestic interest in the nation's Banking and Financial Serivces Industry

    Experts have also projected that India would emerge as the third largest banking hub in the world by 2040.

    The banking system in India is significantly different from that of other Asian nations because of the country's uniue geographic, social, and economic characteristics.

    The reforms pertaining to the monetary policies and the macro economic policies over the last few years has influenced the Indian economy to the core With the opening of the financial market variety of products and services were introduced to suit the need of the customer, opening up with huge job opportunities in BFSI Companies.

    The banking industry has been a partner in the nation's progress. India's tryst with growth is likely to continue in the future as a robust banking sector provides the critical support necessary for stable and sustained growth.

    Job Opportunities in BSFI

    General Manager | Head Corporate Banking | Branch Manager | Relationship Manager | Finance Manager | Financial Advisor | Accountant| Wealth Manager | Chartered Accountant | Cost Accountant | Investment Banker | Financial Advisor | Derivative Analyst | Credit Risk Manager

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