Digital Product Manager

Digital Product Manager Job Openings in Chennai

As SME Digital Product Management, you will be part of the software engineering group;

Work with customers, business owners, internal stakeholders and software architects to design the digital outcome of network, cloud and mobility products from vision till adoption for the company.

Manage and lead key business outcomes such as Lead to Order/ Order to Cash/ Zero Touch Provisioning in network, Cloud and Mobility services.

Manage and Lead key business outcomes in Network Management and Orchestration Software, SDN, Cloud and Mobility domains.

Build a team of Digital Product Mangers that will implement business transformation

Interface with customers, product & business teams, IT Infrastructure teams and other key software engineering functions such as architecture and development.

The position will part of the Software Engineering function.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Problem solving, advising our business stakeholders on how to successfully execute on their strategic vision with digital means

• Operate along the intersection of business strategy, business and implementation vendors for delivering large scale transformation projects

• Responsible for translating abstract visions into reality while managing stakeholder expectation as well as software delivery’s work efficiency

• Own all aspects of the agile deliverables required for a technology team to build beautiful products including development of storyboards, wireframes, product backlog, user stories and acceptance criteria
• Analyze and design the “to-be” business processes

• Work with the product / business teams to assess current capabilities and identify high-level requirements

• Set up and maintain the requirements and traceability deliverables

• Work with the project manager, architects, and other team members to define metrics and performance goals for the application

• Participate in transitioning the requirements and use cases to the designers, and ensure a clear and complete understanding of the requirements

• Assist in translating requirements and use cases into test conditions and expected results for product, performance, user acceptance, and operational acceptance

• Participate in quality management reviews of the designs, prototypes and other requirement work products


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